Special Education

Speech Therapy

Certified autism games

for your child.

Otsimo | Special Education consists of more than 100 games specifically designed for autism. Created under the guidance of parents, psychologists, and special education teachers.

Special education at home

Otsimo gives the necessary special education at home.

Accessible for kids

Kids can play on their own without the need for any instructions.

Assisting to enroll in school

Otsimo helps children to reach to the level of public school education.

Comprehensive and curricular.

Just for your kid.

Watch the sincere testimonials of the dearest parents of Otsimo and have a glimpse of how Otsimo | Special Education is designed for both you and your kid.

Family Testimonials

Access 100+ special games.

Completely ad-free.

Safe for kids. Charmingly joyful. Assured control for parents.

Improve your child's skills with a lot of educational games in different categories.

Your child will build vocabulary and concepts related to everything under the sun. Inside you’ll find sections on colors, numbers, and shapes.

Have full control on

what your toddler plays.

You have full access to what your kid plays, review his / her progress, check the reports and configure the difficulty settings.


By using alternative communication tools, children can increase their interests to focus attention to a less interesting or non-preferred activity.

Gupta New York:

Marcel Dekker, Inc 2004


It has been observed that AAC training therapy increases children's potential and improves their behavior. 

Clemene Ramsey,

Fayette County Schools


Children who played educational games via the tablet improved their social communication by 100%.



Based on scientifically-proven behaviour methodology

Scientifically approached games

Children With Autism Awareness Associtaion


Autism Parenting

Best Autism App

Teacher with



Berkeley Global Social Venture Competition

Global Finalist Award

Google Play Awards

Best Social Impact Award Nomination

Featured by Apple

Featured Worldwide by App Store Team

Verified & Validated Education System

“Children with autism were taught 2 years intensive therapy, 90% of them had important development to get accepted by public schools.”

LOVAAS, O. I. (1987). Behavioral treatment and normal educational and intellectual functioning in young autistic children. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 55, 3-9. MMCEACHIN, J. J., SMITH, T. & LOVAAS, O.l. (1993) Long-term outcome for children with autism who received early intensive behavioral treatment. American Journal on Mental Retardation, 97 (4), 359-372.*

Globally proven positive impact for autism education

Otsimo | Special Education is unique in many ways. The app focuses on all aspects of learning for children with special needs either for free or at a low price, gathers the best autism games, and can be used independently of a therapist or access to formal methods of training.

People love Otsimo not just because it makes children happy, but also because Otsimo brings out your child’s true potential.

100.000 users all over the world

I could not find any games for my autistic kid. However, games in Otsimo is well designed for my little Aidan. Thank you so much.

Rebecca Ashley,

Mom of a Kid with Autism

Otsimo provides educational opportunity and fun environment for children who have a hard time get intensive and continuous access to education. It yields particularly positive results on children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Prof. Dr. Binyamin Birkan, 

Specialist in Special Education

It was developed by using principles of proven methods to help children learn the fundamental skills that they need, just the basic skills they will need going into an educational setting.

Ronette Parker,

Special Needs Therapy Specialist

Otsimo | Special Education

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IEA is a social startup focused on social impact. There isn’t any appropriate institutional infrastructure for social startups in Turkey. Because of that social startups use multiple institutional structures under one the roof. Educational content production, content creation, and curriculum studies are carried out by the Inclusive Education Association (“Kapsayıcı Egitim Dernegi”) on behalf of otsimo.org. Technology and education development activities are carried out by Otsimo Bilisim A.S on behalf of otsimo.com.

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