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New generation speech therapy for children

Otsimo Speech Therapy SLP is designed to develop receptive language abilities and to improve the articulation of children experiencing speech difficulties. 

Develops Core Skills

Repetition exercises will help to develop imitating as well as productive and concept formation skills in addition to communication skills.

Repetition is Key

Words and sounds are repeated several times while using visual and auditory cues to maximize the benefits.

A special category designed to help strengthen the oral muscles, which can help reduce speech difficulties and support speech acquisition.

Tongue Acrobatics

Children with non-verbal autism, down syndrome, muscle weakness and ADHD as well as late speakers can benefit from Otsimo Speech Therapy.

Speech Therapy for All

Take a quick tour of the app and learn what Otsimo Speech Therapy can do for your child.

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Children learn a lot through imitating

Video modeling is a scientifically proven method for teaching kids. Children can mimic their peers for effective learning. That’s why our models are chosen from a similar age group.

Your child can watch the mouth and tongue movements of the peer models or they can watch themselves via the front camera, with fun masks on their faces!

The only app that truly understands you 

Otsimo Speech Therapy utilizes cutting edge voice recognition powered by machine learning, which means better interaction with your child.

We understand what your child says and fill the progress bar only when your child says the right word. It’s like having a Speech Therapist at your disposal 24/7

100+ content at your fingertips

Otsimo Speech has animals, shapes, family members, numbers and many more categories with more than 100 relevant words for your child to practice. 

Children learn a lot through play. That’s why we have enriched our content with stickers, filters and masks to make speech therapy a fun activity. This way, children will approach speech therapy with excitement and will be eager to practice.

Bringing speech therapy into your home!

Children can access speech therapy where they feel most comfortable - at home.
After all, a relaxed environment is the best learning environment. 

"I have a 5-year-old nonverbal son, and he loves your games. He has learned a lot playing them, and he can only remain engaged with your games. Thank you, Otsimo Team."

Emily Rednis, Mom

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